Either or....

Either Or...Booklet or Tome? Uh that is a tough one. But when I look through my book case I'd have to say Tome, though some of my all-time favourite books have been booklets, like "I am Legend" or "Flowers for Algernon".


Pre-Owned or New? New, but I have to admit that I do get a lot second hand.


Historical Fiction or Fantasy? Fantasy, no doubt.


Hardcover or paperback?  Paperback, hands down. Though hardcovers are pretty, but they are just too heavy to carry around and they take up too much space compared to paperback when you store them.


Funny or sad? I think that books that want to be funny often try too hard and in the end they fail miserably, at least when it comes to what I find funny.


Do you prefer reading in summer or in winter? The season actually matters very little when it comes to my reading schedule.


Classics or mainstream? In some cases I'd actually say Obscure. I like to read "off the beaten path", though a lot of what I read might considered mainstream. Classics I often find to be huge disappointments.


Guidebook or Fiction? Fiction. Guidebook is a weird term so I choose to think of it as "non fiction" - I do enjoy non-fiction in the quantum physics department. 


Crime Novel or thriller? Both actually, though I think my reading choices end more in the thriller/horror end of the spectrum.


Ebook or Print Edition? I ready both ebooks and printed books. I've come to enjoy ebooks more lately as I find it awesome that you can adjust the font to what's more comfortable to my eyes. Though I have to say my first choice is the printed book. They are just visually more pretty.


Collecting or clearing out? We don't talk about that :P but if I have to be honest, the term hoarder comes to mind... You know the Ikea bookcase "Billy"? Yeah well, I need a fourth... The only books I clear out are the ones that I did not enjoy at all. They usually end up with either friends or the second hand book store. Although I didn't like them I do not have the heart to throw them out with the trash.


Internet or Bookstore? Internet. Though I love to browse in actual physical shops.


Cookbook or Baking Book? I don't read about food, I eat it :P


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