[REBLOGGED] Are you a STGRB victim?

Reblogged from Indie Angie:

If so, we might have help for you. Thanks for our "buddy" Rick C. we recently learned Bluehost is open to removing the last names of STGRB's victims from the site. This might seem like a small win except...


1) On a search of your full name, the lies STGRB prints can harm your reputation.


2) Think of the work Athelissa will endure to change all full names to a first name and initial.


We can't promise everyone will have the same luck as Rick and myself, but here is the Bluehost email to use.




I found it best to keep the legalese wording out of your message. Just ask them to check into the following links for violations to their TOS. Basically, if STGRB says, "Joe Smith is a loser," Bluehost might force Athelissa to change it to Joe S. Doesn't have the same punch, now does it?


Be aware that Athelissa might give you a nickname. Big whoop. Nicknames are fun and I'm quite fond of mine. Beast was my first successful book, so it's a nice little reminder every time they insult me. Hopefully, everyone else will get a good nickname too.