So many book sites, so little time!

So many book sites, so little time!!
So, tell me - who's on where?

I'm on: - - now also: -


Do feel free to fried me/follow - if we're already friends on one of the other sites please drop me a line so I can friend you back! :)


For those of you who are on more than one just one site - do you find it difficult to administer three different accounts?


Obviously these sites are all quite different and not at all mutually exclusive! Each site has advantages and drawbacks, and some of them only really serve one main function. Basically for me GoodReads is my book-database/catalogue, as so far I find BookLikes to be too unstructured to suit that purpose. GoodReads if for me also a place for Groups. BookLikes is for me a (book-)blog and it will probably be in this capacity that I will continue use it. I find that I'm more likely to blog here than on my own site, but I'm not very likely to find new books to read here (except if a friend has magnificent review of course!)! LeafMarks is too new for me to actually get an idea of what kind of fish it is. I'm just checking it out, lurking a bit and will see what it will develop into. I definitely like its clean & polished look. BookLike could take a hint from this, for to me the look and feel of BookLikes is a tad too teenage-y and MySpace-y. I imagine that the target audience for BookLikes is bit younger than I am!! ;-)


I do need to polish my own adminstrative skills in order to keep all three sites up to date! I'm a klutz! LOL  ;-)