[REBLOGGED] How to Read More - 6 Ways of Reading Encouragement

Reblogged from BookLikes:

Sometimes we lack time or energy and it’s hard to find calm moment for reading pleasure. OR Our pile of Plannig-to-read Books is still growing high and we totally lost control over it. This means that we need some kind of reading encouragement. Take a look at six ways of internal motivation for external reading action :-)

1. Set yourself a reading goal, so called reading challenge. Reading resolutions are what many readers fall for with a new year and that’s a great way of putting a plant into action. Several BookLikers already did and set a goal of 100 books (Bucheule and Read a Book), Pesca on the other hand decided to try 50/50 challenge with a plan of reading 50 new books and watching 50 new movies. Just remember to make a feasible plan. Excessive book plan can make more harm than good leading to a reading block. Be reasonable and optimistic at the same time and think about your real reading possibilities.

2. Pick books that You really want to read, not because you should or feel obliged to (this statement doesn’t include school textbooks or set texts ;-) ). Book market is the same business field as anything else and so it undergoes the same mechanismes. And so the same trending books appear all over the media, bestsellers from various bookstore, lists of Best Books of a given year are created. Of course that we should watch out for new releases, new editions and continuations - we love books and need to have brand new bookish news! Just don’t get too obsessed! Reading books form a list of “100 books you should read before you die” or paranormal fantasy romance just because everyone else around is doing that, is not good and won’t bring reading satisfaction. Reading is personal - read what suits you.

3. Some books need time to go wild. So don’t cross out the title just because first five pages were slow. A book sometimes needs more time to show all assets that it has got. Let’s call it a maturation process. The same process can be visible in readers’ minds. We bet that you encountered the situation when a given book seemed boring to you in your childhood and brought your attention only after some time. Re-discovering books can be really exciting and eye-opening, than we can get to know much more not only about the new-old book but also ourselves.

4. Always have a book by your side. Having a book at hand will definitely trigger your reading need and hunger. Keep you Currently Reading books on your coffee table, night stand or in the kitchen - anywhere close to you and your favorite home reading spot. When you leave home, take a book or two with you. When you end up in a traffic jam or queue, you’ll know it’s an excellent time for chapter or two. We know that book feast tastes great everywhere.


5. Be an e-book lover. We know it’s not a paper book with black ink and specific bookish smell. But if you try, you might be surprised of it’s advantages. The possibility of reading anywhere and anytime is tempting, as well as carrying all your favorite books in a single device. What’s more, your reading stats may go up as well. Many ebook lovers admit that their reading pace and amount of read books soared thanks to e-readers. Real and devoted book lovers love books in all their formats :-)

6. Keep a reading diary. This will help you to keep track of your reading progress, peek into other book lovers' reading worlds and share your reviews and bookish thoughts. But we all already know that, that why we’re here. Right?

How do you motivate yourself to read more and more? Joy of reading is obvious :-) Share your thoughts in comments.