Robin McKinley's "Sunshine" is Not Your Ordinary Vampire Tale

Sunshine - Robin McKinley

Finally a stand-alone novel that encompasses vampires that are not angsty teenagers that sparkle! It's gritty, it's (somewhat) gory and it tends to put the vampires back in the monster and horror department as it should be! It's nice to see that there are authors out there that can tell the difference between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance!! What a relief! And did I mention that this book is not targeted for the typical YA-reader?


The world-building in this novel is very interesting: semi post-apocalyptic with bad spots, supernatural beings (demons and what not) walk the earth, some living peacefully amongst humans, some humans are supernatural half-bloods themselves, some are living incognito and other are registerd in the SOF. It's an interesting world, and it's a shame that as a (so far) stand alone work we don't get to see more of it.


When you decide to pick up of a copy of Robin McKinley's Sunshine, be sure that it's the adult, and not the YA, version of the book that you get your hands on. I happened to have both variants of this novel at hand: YA as an eBook and the adult version as a paperback. I opted for reading the ebook because I wasn't ware of the book existing in different editions at the time, and thought that I might as well bring the ebook with me as, in the end, it's much lighter and less fussy than an paperback during the daily commuting. As I began reading I quickly discovered the obvious tell-tale signs of a YA novel in the ebook: short sentences and (over) simplified language with a fast progressing plot, not to mention that there is a page difference of ca. 150 pages, with the YA being (not surprisingly) the thinner book. This surprised me, for this book came highly recommended to me as being a good read for an adult reader that doesn't what to ready anything remotely related to sparkling vampires. I can definitely recommend investing in the adult version of this book (my copy is 476 pages) for it's definitely worth reading.


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