FREE MALI - she's the loneliest elephant in the world

A moment of your time to draw your attention to a cause that is very dear to my heart and which I have also posted on my blog elsewhere.



I would like steal a moment of your time. I would like to use this stolen moment to draw attention to something that is very close to my heart, something that I discovered earlier this week via Facebook. It broke my heart. It made me cry so much when I saw it. What broke my heart was the tale of Mali the Elephant. She is a female elephant and she was taken away from her family and her forest when. Since that time, she has lived, and is currently living, in captivity in a very small concrete enclosure in a Manila Zoo. It's been like this for Mali for more than 30 years. She is the only elephant in captivity in the Philippines. What breaks my heart and defies understanding is how on earth can they knowingly do this to her? She has been denied companionship, company, vegetation, stimulation, you name it, for more than a quarter of a century. How can they leave her alone like that? Even back when she was captured it was widely known that elephants are social animals that form communities and close bonds with their family members. Didn't they realise what kind of irrevocable harm that they have done to her? It is beyond cruel, if you want to hear my honest opinion. It inhumane. It's one of the worst forms of abuse that I can think of. Mali We must never forget about Mali, or the thousands of other majestic animals forced to leave in captivity. It is our duty, as human beings, to raise awareness and work towards their freedom, or at the very minimum, better humane treatment. By following the case of Mali, and signing the petitions below (this old petition is now closed), we can at the very least try to give her the happy ending she deserved, and hopefully one day she can be transferred to a sanctuary in Thailand, where she will no longer live out her life as a sad and lonely being. She may not have that many years left in her, but she deserves to live them out with dignity, decency and companionship.


Please check out this article and the links below and see how you can help in changing her future.

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