A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens Sweet little old story about a bitter stingy old man, who needs a visit from three ghosts before he's able to change his life.

It surprises me that it's only now that I decided to get around to read the story behind the movies that I enjoyed so much while growing up (and still enjoy). I have to say that I enjoy the movies far more than the book. Even though I, as a whole, do like the book, the drawn out prose and the overly descriptive passages makes this book a little too dated for me, and frankly a bit boring too, unlike [b:Jane Eyre|10210|Jane Eyre|Charlotte Brontë|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51-Atpe8kVL._SL75_.jpg|2977639], which was written around the same time and which in my opinion has a more fresh and relevant tone when read today.