Raising my Voice: The extraordinary story of the Afghan woman who dares to speak out - Malalai Joya This is a very touching memoir of a very courageous young woman.

Forget about everything you thought you knew about Afghanistan.

No nation can donate liberation to another nation. These values must be fought for and won by the people themselves. ... All of our human rights have been won through struggle, and all of them can be lost through neglect.

Never before has a memoir moved me as much as Malalai Joya's Raising my Voice: The extraordinary story of the Afghan woman who dares to speak out has.

It is not the prose itself that has left a long lasting impression in me, for frankly, it does leave something behind to be desired, but you must remember that an impressing prose is not the purpose of this book. It’s purpose is to educate you and to show you what is really going on in Afghanistan, and that what it’s people really want is to have all the invading forces out of the country and fight for their own democracy and liberty on their own and to have the war criminals in the government bought to justice.

This is truly touching account of a strong, young, independent and idealistic woman, who is refusing to be silenced by her oppressive government - and rightfully so. Her book has been a real eye opener as to what the day-to-day life, and struggle, of the people of Afghanistan, is like. Poverty, oppression, illiteracy and no freedom of speech is what they are facing very day. It is truly amazing how little we in the West know and are told about what is really going on in that far away and war-torn country.

We have been led to believe, by the US and NATO, our own governments, that the current occupation by our forces is enforced for the good of the Afghan people in the name of freedom, democracy and women's rights. Nothing could be further from the truth, if you believe in Joya's words - and I do. All her verifiable stories cannot be untrue.

It is frightening to read how the US/NATO has driven the Taliban out of the country and put a puppet-government in its place. The Afghans are now ruled by a group of people that consists of war criminals, fundamentalists, warlords and drug lords. It is a government that US/NATO are still fully supporting. The MP's have no intention of giving up the power that they have been given, nor are they interested in improving the situation for those who really need it: the poor, the illiterate, the children and the women of the country.

If you involvement in bettering the situation in Afghanistan can for whatever reason only extend to reading this book, then you owe it to yourself and to the Afghan people to go out and buy yourself a copy right now and read it. All its earnings are going toward supporting humanitarian projects in the country.

I sincerely hope that Joya, who has already survived numerous assassination attempts, will survive long enough to experience democracy and freedom in her beloved country in her lifetime. She is very day putting her life at risk for while openly fighting for it.