Lord of Misrule - Christopher  Lee, Alex Hamilton, Peter  Jackson Looking forward to read the autobiography of the coolest actor on the planet! :-)

Feb. 14th, 2012:

Imagine sitting on your grandfathers lap when you are 6 years old and you listen to him while he tells you the tales of his youth. That pretty much sums up a bit what I felt while reading this living cinema legends autobiography.

It was fun to read about his youth, Italian background, times during WWII (which I'm sure has been heavily self-censored), his modest beginning in the field of acting and how his tall & dark look worked against him at first, about how he felt about living in LA/Hollywood and Switzerland, his passion about golf, and the other legends that the knew and befriended. But as with any other grandfather it can become a bit repetivive hearing yet another anecdote about golf (something that bores me, but that he's passionate about).

Christopher Lee strikes me as an honest, sweet, modest and humours old man I respect, and I have to be honest, who I also feel affection towards. He embodies the concept of a granddaddy for me (probably because I grew up without one). I dread the day when he will no longer be with us, and will mourn him almost as if he really was my grandfather.