The Transylvanian Library: A Consumer's Guide to Vampire Fiction (Borgo Literary Guides) - Greg Cox;Daryl F. Mallett This is a great little book if you are interested to get your hands in a vampire-litterature reference book.

Cox discusses each title, in varying depth, and provides ratings for each work of fiction, which includes both novels, novellas and short stories. All titles are listed by author and includes references to known filmatizations at the time of writing.

This book is very useful if you want to look up "forgotten" books and find little, or major, gems that are today being overshadowed by newer works of vampire fiction.

You will not find any reference to the works of either
Charlaine Harris, Stephenie Meyer or even Justin Cronin as this book was released back in 1992/1993 as it deals solely with vampire fiction that was released prior to the very early 1990s.

I would seriously welcome a post-1990s edition of this book that would focus on books written after the publication of the original title, since the vampire genre has been flooded with a lot of crap since then, and it would be nice with a reference book that can sort out the pulp-PNR with the "real" fiction.