A Feast for Crows  - George R.R. Martin I'll keep this short and sweet - How to rate this tome? It's a bit difficult really. I want to give it 4 stars, overall it's that good, but there are passages that are so incredibly dull that I at times were tempted to abandon it, which isn't a positive sign. So it would have to be a solid 3 stars for me.

The passages that I found incredibly dull were the ones dealing with they Greyjoys and the Drowned Men (which was predominantly in the first half of the book). I really, really, really couldn't care less about them. If I had been George R.R. Martin I would have wildfired their asses a long time ago!

I really liked the Jamie, Cersei, Brienne and Sansa/Alayne chapters - it was really nice looking through those familiar characters eyes and learn more about them and boy, Cersei, you are one sick puppy!

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