Toward a Recognition of Androgyny - Carolyn G. Heilbrun Been reading this mostly for sentimental reasons.

It has been on my wish list since my Uni-graduation days back in 1996 and I recently found a copy of it, second hand, online. I just couldn’t resist buying it!

Reading this in this day and age with the background that I have, so many years after its original publication, makes it quite a dated read; nothing new in the terms of literary criticism, gender study or even feminism is brought to my attention. I've moved beyond this already.

Still, I think that this book has some merit today, especially for younger students of literary criticism and gender. Though I have to say that when picking it up, in order to get the most out of it, you would need to be well versed in the writings of Jane Austen, Emily Brontë,Virginia Woolf, Peter Abelard, George Eliot, Henry James, E.M. Forster just to name a few.