Vampires: A Bite-sized History - Judyth A. McLeod This little book offers a brief (as the title implies) summary on both the vampire myth in both the movie, literary, and tv genre. It's up to date with its references to both the Twilight, Underworld and True Blood phenomena.

It is quickly read, and it gives a brief access as to why humanity has been fascinated by this creature since, almost since the dawn of time.

However, brief as this book may be, it fails in providing new angles and add new material as to why the vampire continues to fascinate and repel us, as it has done for millennia.

On a side note, I find it embarrassing that the author fails to do proper fact checking – such as giving C.Th. Dreyer a Swedish nationality, when he, in fact, was one of the greatest Danish directors of all time (

I may sound nitpicking, but when this book claims to be “a history” expect, at the very least, that the stated and verifiable facts are indeed correct.