Løgnhalsen fra Umbrien - Bjarne Reuter Strange little book from the critically acclaimed Danish author [a:Bjarne Reuter|12565|Bjarne Reuter|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1291285570p2/12565.jpg]. I find it a bit difficult to rate this one for several reasons. I didn't like the writing style. To be honest I'm not sure that it's the style that Reuter writes in that I don't like or if this book was just poorly edited. He switches between first and third person narration, which at best, is confusing to the reader. Typing/typographical errors were scattered throughout the pages and there blank pages too... It was very weird to see a professional author publish something like this from a "real" and reputable publishing house like Gyldendal. This is something that I would expect from a self-published author, and not someone like Reuter. I cannot express how disappointed I was with this - I did, after all, pay good money for the ebook, so I expected the quality to be in order!

The story itself is actually a sweet little story with a few surprising turns here and there. For that reason alone I am able to push my rating to two stars, as it did manage to keep me interested and it did keep me reading. But will it stay with me like other books have in the past? I don't think so.