The Fury & The Reunion (The Vampire Diaries, #3-4) - L.J. Smith 1/2 star.

This instalment is definitely more action packed and less teenage-y than its predecessors: for me that's a good thing, knowing how teenage-y the first books were.

It's a nice enough read, and believe it or not, the author does keep you guessing a bit here and there.

The language/writing style is not that original though, it's quite repetitive - I should have counted how many time she uses the word "Lapis Azuli" and "fury", that makes reading it a bit tedious.

Great entertainment while commuting to and from work on public transport though! 1½ stars for this one.

I have, however, gotten enough of this series. Thank goodness it didn't take me 10 books to realise it.