Soulless - Gail Carriger, Gail Carriger In a book that allegedly takes place in the late 1800s England nobody, not even the third person narrator, would refer to Queen Elisabeth I as "Elisabeth I": they wouldn't know that in the future there would actually be an "Elisabeth II". That’s pretty inconsistent to the atmosphere of the story line - and it throws me off completely. Also, since it's an alternative history, then who's to say that there even would have been an Elisabeth II in the 20th century? History, or the future in this case, could very easily have turned out differently. I may sound harsh and nit-picky over this little slip-up, but as a historian I do pick up on little details like that.

I also have to say that I was rather taken by this little book at first with its humorous style and approach, as its old-fashioned prose is indeed very well-written and it does give you the feeling of being taken back to the English bourgeois society of the late 1800s. No matter how well-written and funny this book is though, it does not change the fact that it turns out to be rather predictable and stereotypical bodice-ripper in disguise. In case you were wondering: I find that type of novels pretty dreadful.

Why do I even bother start reading romance novels like this one when I know I will not like it? I know that it will be pretty dreadful for me to get through, really, although it does have some pretty funny ideas here and there that I do enjoy. What draws me in are, I think, the positive and praising reviews that I have read and the science-fiction/steampunk aspect fascinates me - so much that it makes me “ignore” all the romance-references so that I momentarily forget what the book really is all about. You live and learn I guess. I just know that my time is too precious to “waste” on a book like this one. I have other, and hopefully better, books on my to-read-next list that I’d rather get to. After having read about 45% of this one, I think I’m entitled to put it aside and pick up something new.