The Awakening & The Struggle (The Vampire Diaries, #1-2) - L.J. Smith ½ star.

People who like to bash and hate the Twilight series should really read this book. I'm sure that they will target their attention to this series instead and regret the grief that they must have given Ms. Meyers for bashing her work.

I have just finished part 1 of this omnibook on the train this morning. It has been an entertaining enough read, but I think that this YA novel is too "young" for my taste. The story and characters are too two-dimensional, and you never really care for any of them because of that. It is written in a simple fashion, and rather poorly, and it's more repetitive than you would like any book to be.

I liked the fact that the POW changes between the first person narrative (diary-format) to the third-person narrative. That's refreshing, as generally speaking I am not that fond of the first-person narrative (with a few exceptions of course!).

I am planning to read the next instalments, as I am curious to see if the writing/story/characterisation improves or not.
I have to admit that I have enjoyed the TV-series a lot more than the book!

Stars for part 1, The Awakening: ½

The second book is more interesting than the first book, but it was still quite teen-age oriented. There is more action and suspense compared to the first book. It's a page-turner compared to its predecessor and you do want to know how it ends.

The surprise ending makes this book less predictable than you would otherwise expect it to be. After reading the first book, you definitely do yourself a favour in reading this one too in order to get the "big picture".

Stars for part 2, The Struggle: ½

But if you have other books laying around that are waiting to be read, then pick those first- you will thank yourself for it afterwards.