The Colour of Magic  - Terry Pratchett It has been said that this book is one of the best and funniest ones ever written - after all it has created a vast following and spawned numerous of other books in the same series. I guess humour is highly subjective, for I didn't find this book to be that funny, but in all fairness it was an amusing read, and I might even pick it up again in the future.

I found the story line and universe created by Pratchett to be well written and inventive (especially the use of the English language itself was quite refreshing), but it was for me a bit confusing to follow with the quick "scene cuts" and change of perspectives. Towards the end of the book I found myself skimming through the pages rather than actually reading the pages.

Should I give this book 2 or 3 stars?
I want to give it 3, but I think that a generous 2-1/2 stars is all that I can crank out of it. If I was either younger or more into fantasy I would probably have given it 4 stars.
I guess that I'm not your typical fantasy reader.