The Mine - John A. Heldt If you have ever wondered if it's worth the effort to read an independently published novel then the answer is yes, if you pick up a novel written by John A. Heldt.

This is well-written (both in term of content and editing) love-story set to the back drop 1941, mere months before the US's involvement in WWII. The twist of the story is the main protagonist, Joel Smith, who is accidentally hurled nearly sixty year into the past.

I could only give this book four starts and not five, because I find that the love story took too much precedence over other aspects and topics that were briefly touched upon, but could have been focused on more, than what they were. This is definitely not a fault of the author, he wrote exactly the story that he meant to write. Love stories have just never been my coup of tea.

John A. Heldt's writing could ever disappoint and is definitely worth your effort and I more than enjoyed reading it.

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