The Name of the Wind  - Patrick Rothfuss Too self-absorbed & too boring. It wants too much, and tries too hard, to be epic.

For the month of October I have been reading the debut novel of Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind. It's the first book a series called The Kingkiller Chronicle. As a debut novel it's not badly written. The author clearly masters the nuances of his native English language and there is no doubt that he clearly has a gift for words.

The world he builds, and the characters that he has filled it with, never really managed to compel me and pull me in. It's a bit too descriptive and too drawn out, the words flow a bit too much without really getting anywhere. I do believe that's intentional though; I find that a shame, for it makes this read incredibly dull.

I have to admit that I haven't been able to find long stretches of time to read this, which in all probability contributed in breaking the story up and draw it out even more for me - even so, it never really compelled me to keep on reading it, and in all honesty it did feel a bit like a chore reading it to an end. But in all fairness to the author, and the book that he has written, I did read this right after finishing the masterpiece A Song of Ice and Fire, which has impressed and captivated me immensely. It's not really fair towards a debut author to read him right after the magnum opus of George R.R. Martin.

Something that particularly struck me about this novel is that in many passages it reminded me of the Harry Potter-series: a magical world filled with wizards, a wizard university, a main character who is an orphan, has an arch nemesis, is at times insecure about himself in spite of his talents.

Would I want to read the sequel in the series? I'm not so sure. I don't think so, to be honest. For sure it would clearly depend on how the book was edited and fleshed out. I wouldn't want to read such a long drawn out story again any time soon. I hope, that a proper editor has been able to cut the excess bits.

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Note: downgraded this book from 2 to 1 star today (14/06/2013) - I wanted to be kind and somewhat like this book, but I refuse to lie to myself and other readers. Besides, it's overall rating isn't suffering much by my downgrade it would seem