New Moon - Stephenie Meyer After writing Twilight Stephenie Meyer just went downhill.

1/2 Star.

Can you say whining teenager? Reading this book was such a struggle, I had a hard time finishing it. And I must add that I only forced myself to finish it because I wanted to move on to the next book - I was afraid to miss something important if I skipped it... I wouldn’t have missed much if I had skipped it, I can tell you that!

The only positive thing that I can say about this book is that you get to learn more about Jacob, probably the most sympathetic character of the entire series - in my opinion. Bella Swan is such an annoying character, completely unrealistic in my book. Sure, when I was a teen I experienced heartache and insecurities too, but I never, and I do mean never, fell to the lows that she falls into. Never did I have the sense of no-worth and low self-esteem that she seems to have. I wonder how many teenage girls and young women are actually able to identify with this. I certainly couldn't.

For me this is one of the worst reads ever.