The Cannibal Within - Mark Mirabello One of the things that I love the most about GoodReads and its forums, is that it allows you to discover literature that otherwise would have passed right by you, for better and for worse. Which of the two this little books fall under is not very easy to determine. It's one of those books that you can either love or hate.

This is a book that essentially deals with themes as diverse as sexual depravities, gore, science fiction, mythology, evolutionary "theory", existentialism and of course cannibalism. It's actually quite surprising to see how often existential questions are actually being brought forward in this short novella. It's also surprising to see how the author actually managed to be not as explicit in his depiction of the gore and depravity as he could have been, which is quite a feat considering how descriptive it is. This book is certainly not the gore-fest that I imagined it would have been. There are books that I find far more gory than this one - such as American Psycho and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer; it was difficult reading those, this one, however, was both easy and quick to read.

Do I like this book? No, not so much to be honest, for I found the story to be too thin and too eager to shock and revolt. It's only 144 pages long with lots of space on each page, and when the last 40-or-so pages start getting rather boring then you can really see how thin this story actually is and how little it actually has to tell you. It's as if this story tries too hard to be something that it is not. It tries to shock, it tries to be meta-fiction and it tries to gross you out. Frankly, I think it fails on all accounts.

Verdict: 1.5 stars rounded up to 2 for creativity.