Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

Just finished reading Gillian Flynn's latest tour de force. Need a few minutes to gather my thought and my humble review will be coming right up!


It's really hard, for me, to say anything about this book without giving away the plot, so I'll try to keep this short and sweet without spoiling too much, for you should definitely read this book if you enjoy reading crime/mystery novels - especially the ones that have a twist - and what pleasure is it reading such a book when there’s nothing left to discover?

So, where to begin?

The book is written from the first person perspective, but unlike most other first person perspective novels, this one is written from the perspective of it's two overshadowing main protagonists Nick and Amy, alternating. Right on queue from page one you sense that something "off" with Nick, something is not quite right with his very distinct voice and peculiar fascination with his wife’s skull, a skull he often imagines bashed in and in contrast Amy’s clingy obsessed adoration seems to be a bit over the top, but that’s normal, right? The woman is in love. This is one of the things that I like about Gillian Flynn's writing (so far I’ve only read Dark Places): it possesses a very gritty undercurrent that you can’t quite put your fingers on, and the characters and plot are not as straightforward as you think they are. Flynn is able to create flesh and layers with such talent and skill many other novelists dream they possessed as well. You think you got everything all figured out and then BOOM! She flips the story on it's head; perceptions shift, good guy is suddenly the bad guy, the bad guy is suddenly the good guy, and can you at all predict how the story will end? I certainly couldn't. What a roller-coaster ride!

I feel that the ending left me hanging (which is probably why I’m only able to give this book four stars instead of five). It’s not like it doesn’t suit the story or the tone of the story: it just stops too abruptly and, in my opinion, the end is more anti-climactic than I had hoped for. I just wanted something more.

By coincidence, while I was nearing the end of the book I found out that this is going to become a movie with a screenplay written by Gillian Flynn herself. I’m very curious to see what they make of it!

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