The Princess Bride - William Goldman This book is very hard for me to rate. When I first picked (as a monthly group read) it up I was pleasantly surprised by it. It was a witty recollection of a writer thinking back on his childhood where his father read a book for him that they both loved dearly, a book the then decided to give to his own to read. His own child hated the book (and I can see why!) calling it boring. So this man decides to reread it and discovered that what his own father did was to skip the boring parts to him and read him only the exciting ones. He then decides to make his very own abridged version of it. What I enjoyed about this bit was the very [a:John Irving|3075|John Irving|]-esque style of writing, the writing style is good. But the fictional story that he is re-telling I found to be so boring and so uninteresting and incoherent, that it was actually very hard for me to finish reading it. For me, this book was a big, big let down. The one star I have chosen to give it is only due to it's strong beginning and style.

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