The Secret - Rhonda Byrne Should this book be classified as FICTION or NON-FICTION? I have no idea, but what I'm inclined to do is classfying it as DELUSIONAL.

The Law of Attraction. Whatever you send out of positive thoughts to the Universe comes back to you, ten fold at least. It's a bit like "karma" and positive thinking with a twist: You want to money comming to you? Just visualise it and it will happen. You want to be thinner? Just visualise that food has 0 calories!

Quote from the book:
Food cannot cause you to put on weight, unless you think it can. image
Well, I guess that's why this person is so insanely fat; she must believe that the food she eats has many calories and fat! Someone should have explained to her that it's 0 calories and good for her!

Yes, people ARE that stupid to believe in all the stupid claims that Rhonda Byrne writes.

By all means, I'm all pro positive thinking. I'll go as far as to say that: yes, negative thinking gets you nowhere and that positive thoughts healthier for you - the glass is half full and all that.... BUT..... Jeez Luise! This book is just up there next to [a:Paulo Coelho|566|Paulo Coelho|]'s [b:The Alchemist|865|The Alchemist|Paulo Coelho||4835472]: worst self-help fantasy BS ever written.

But what is even worse is that the "author" blames people for their own misfortune: you get AIDS: too bad, you were not thinking positive enough; you are a raped child: too bad, you were not thinking positively enough; you get hit by a bus: too bad, you were not thinking positively enough; your dying of starvation: too bad, you were not thinking positively enough. You ended up in the gas chamber in WWII: too bad, you were not thinking positively enough. You get the idea. That she's getting away with it and earning millions on it at the same time is beyond me. She must be the most positive thinking person in the world.