BookLikes Groups are in the Pipeline

BookLikes groupsGreat news my friends:


Yesterday I contacted GoodReads via Twitter with the question if they were going to add GROUPS (much like we know them from *cough* GoodReads *cough*. It is a feature that I really miss here.


BookLikes were very quick to respond with the affirmative:


Soon BookLikes will add GROUPS to this site!


I find this a very exiting prospect!  Surely I cannot be the only one! :-)


Now, mind you, I have no information about when this much desired feature will be added, but I will be looking out for it it closely, especially on Thursdays :-)


And oh, there's a rumour going on that a mobile App will be launched shortly - again, I have no data on the date, but I just wanted to spread the rumour! ;-)


Feel free to pread the word!