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Three BookLikes Blog Design Themes
Three BookLikes Blog Design Themes

Inspire Us and Help to Create New Blog Design Themes!


Do you want more blog design themes? We do! Help us create cool and amazing designs that you'll fall for. 


So far we have 3 Blog Design Themes to choose from and we've noticed you already have your favorites. All three designs are available in your Blog Settings and waiting to be picked :-) But we're already thinking about new designs! 


Is there any blog design theme on your mind that you'd love to have at BookLikes? 


Help us to create new designs for your blogs and inspire us with your ideas! Show us how you would like your blog to look like - post pictures, suggestions, photos, descriptions, notes and themes you love as a comment to this post (press blog title and add your note below) or contact us


Your blog design ideas will be great brainwaves for us. We're open and ready for any new awesome ideas - so bring it on ;-)