Proceed with caution and forget about your notions of morality and right & wrong in today's world.

Outlander - Diana Gabaldon

It's not every day that i stay up to 3 AM to finish a book. What a page turner and what a story!

While reading some of the reviews -good and bad alike- I couldn't help but laugh at the 0 or 1-star reviews and their complete and utter incomprehension of the historical context that the story is set in.


Forget about the concepts of morality and equality of today's world (or at least in some parts of today's world...) when you are reading about a world of a quarter of a millennia ago - you will undoubtedly be very disappointed.


My only advise to you is to getting aquatinted with some non-fiction history books that will give you an idea of what kind of a world Scotland was in the mid-18th century, about what the lives and roles of men and women were back then (perhaps then you will better understand the plight of feminism and why even to this day the plight is far from being over). I'm not 'justifying' events - I'm just saying that you should wear your 1800s glasses when you read it, and not the glasses that you wear in the 21st century.

Anyway, I'm tired now, close to 4 AM and I need to catch some shut-eye - thank goodness I have the luxury of not having to work in the morning