Rounding off a Trilogy - Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins

I have just finished reading Mockingjay and I really liked it. In fact I think that this book may be the better one of the trilogy.

I was happy to see that the series wasn't wrapped up in a sugar-pink and sticky-sweet happy ending, an end like that would not have been in line with the tone of the book, so the ending was, as a whole, good. But I do think that it was wrapped up a bit too quickly - but that is a trend that I have noticed in many books and films these days. It's as if the authors run out of steam and have nothing else to say as the story is nearing its end, and that I find a huge pity, and it was a pity to see this in this book as well.

What I would have seen differently would have been a more humane Katniss (not just in this book, but throughout the series), as I generally speaking don't find her character very likeable, she's generally unsympathetic and quite cold, and the same goes for Gale. Only after her 'shell chock', after seeing her sister die before her eyes, am I able to identify with her. I wish that more of her emotional turmoil was present in the previous books and in the first half of this book as well. The character I found it easiest to identify with was Peeta. It's a pity that we didn't see more of him in this third and final instalment. It may have been very interesting if the last chapter had been written from Peeta's perspective, I'm sure that he would have had many interesting things to say.

But this definitely made ud for a very good read. I'm looking forward to catch the movies once they get on Netflix.